Tugas R.A (Buku Uma Sekaran) Bab 8


1. What is meant by operational definition and way is it necessary ?

Answer : Operationalizing, or operationally defining a concept, to render it measurable, is done by looking at the behavioral demensions, facets or properties denoted by the concept,Because will help to illustrate how this is done.

2. Operationally define the following :

Answer :

a. Sexual harassment is both simple and complex, it is simple because it is defined as unwelcome sexual behavior by one person against another person againt another person. It is complex because it can involve behaviors that in other contexts are considered positive and reaffirming

b. Diversity-positive environment is about a achievement motivation likely,driven by work,unable to relax, impatience with inerfectiveness,seeks moderate challenge,seeks feed back

c. Career Success means different things to different people. For some, monetary reward is a measure of success. Yet others have multiple definition of success.

3. Describe the four types of scales.

Answer :

a. Nominal scale is one that allows the researcher to assign subjects to certain categories or groups

b. Ordinal scale not only categorizes the variables in such a way as to denote differences among the various categories, it also rank-orders the categories in some meaningful way.

c. Interval scale an inverval scale allows us to perform certain arithmentical operations on the data collected from the respondent

d. Rasio scale overcomes the deficiency of the arbitrary orgin point of the intercal scale, in that it has an absolute (in contrast to an arbitrary) zero point which is a meaningful meansurement point.

4. How is the interval scale more soplisticated than the nominal and ordinal scales ?

Answer : An inverval scale allows us to perform certain arithmentical operations on the data collected from the respondent. Whereas the nominal scale allows us only to qualitatively distinguish groups by categorizing them into mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive sets, and the ordinal scale to rank-order the preferences the scale

5. Why is the ratio scale considered to be the most powerful of the four scales ?

Answer : Because it has a unique zero origin (not an arbitrary origin) and subsumes all the properties of the other three scales.

Kelompok 1 :

1. Eskha

2. Krisman

3. Rifadi

4. Satrio


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