Tugas R.A (Buku Uma Sekaran) Bab 14


1. Briefly describe a situation where , give the result of a hypothesis testing study , the manager has to extensively apply experience and common sense in making the final decision.

Answer : Manager wrestly with a multitode of problems big and small in their every day work life. The differences between a succesfull and not so successful organization lies in the quality of decisions mode by the managers in the system to sum up, research is scientific path that leads the managers to decision making and experience and common sesnse are the beacons that guide managers to solve problems sensibly.

2. Which involves a more difficult decision-making situation for a manager-applying the results of qualitative study or a hypothesis testing study?why?

Answer : A qualitative studies, because there is always an undecer mined element of risk that manager takes in making the proposed changes.

3. Describe and depict through a diagram the cycle of the research process , from the time when the area in investigated for the first time , to finding definitive answer to the problems encountered in that area .

Answer :

– Observation

– Preparation of data collection

– Definition problems

– Theoretical Framework

– Hypothesis Development

– Design Scientific research

– Data collection, analysis, and intrepertasi

– Deduction

– Making Presentations Writing Decision Report Report

Keompok 1 :
1. Eskha
2. Krisman
3. Rifadi
4. Satrio


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