Tugas R.A (Buku Uma Sekaran) Bab 13

chapter 13

1. Because a copy of the letter of authorizationfrom the spomsor of the study, approving the investigation and detailing its scope, will be attached at the beginning of the report.

2. The exwcutive summary is a brief account of the research study that provides an overview, and highlights the following important information related to the study : the problem statement, the sampling design, the data collection methods used, results of data analysis, the findings, and the recommandations, with suggestions for their implementation.

3. The similarities and the difference of basic and applied research reports is an axecutive summary in the case of applied original research and a synopsis in the case of basic research.

4. The written report and its purpose,The written report and its audience.

5. Necessary to specify the limitations of the study in the research report is very important because make use for the results of data analysis and the written report.

6. Speaking audibly, clearly, and without distracting mannerisms.

Kelompok 1:

1. Eskha

2. Krisman

3. Rifadi

4. Satrio


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