Tugas R.A ( Buku Uma Sekaran) Bab 6

Chapter 6

Discussion questions and points to ponder :

1. What are the basic research design issues ? describe them in some detail

2. Why are the basic design issues important to consider before conducting the study and even early as at the time of formulating the research question ?

3. Is a field study totally out of the question if one is trying to establish cause and effect relationship ?

4. An exploratory study is just as useful as a predictive study . “Discussion this statement.

5. Why is the unit of analysis an integral part of the research design ?

6. Discussion the interrelationships among noncontrived setting . the purpose of the study type of investigation , research interference and time horizon of study

7. Below are now scenarios . indicate how researcher should proceed in each case that is , determine the following , giving reasons :

a. The purpose of the study

b. The type of investigation

c. The exterm of researcher interference

d. The study setting

e. The time horizon for the study

f. The unit of analysis


1. Basic research designs can be seen from the issues associated with the decision about the purpose of the study (exploratory, descriptive, hypothesis testing), where the research will conducted (i. e, study setting), the type of research that should be (kind of investigation), the extent to which researchers manipulated and control research (researcher interference level), the temporal aspects research (time horizon), and the rate at which data will be analyzed (if the unit of analysis), is an integral part of the research design.

2. Because it is important to note that the more sophisticated and rigorous the research design, the greater the time, cost and other resources expended on the study.

3. Yes, because relational studies conducted in the organization and called a field study.
field studies conducted to establish cause and effect relationships associated with the natural environment and with our immediate field of study will be able to make the question of cause and effect because we know directly from an incident or problem that occurred in the field

4. An exploratory study is undertaken when not much is know about the situation at hand , or when no information is available on how similar problems or research issue have been solved in the past . In such cases , extensive preliminary work needs to be done to gain familiarity with the phenomena in the situation and understand what is occurring , before we develop a model and set up a rigorous design for comprehensive investigation.

5. Because , the unit of analysis is the part that must exist in designing the research because we formulate research questions in the form of data collection, sample size, and even the variables included in the research framework.

6. The relationship between the background of thought, learning objectives, type of investigation, researchers intervened, and the learning time is if we already know the background of thinking, then we can determine the purpose of research that we lakukan.Setelah issues above will be formulated so we can act appropriately in the research process and be able to use the time needed for this research.

7. Among the two scenarios. Indicate how the researcher should begin in each case, determine the matter – the following and give reasons.
Scenario A
a) Learning Objectives : description
b) Type of investigation : correlation
c) The interference of the researcher : the maximum
d) Background study : lab experiments
e) Time of study : Longitudinal
f) Unit of analysis : group

Scenario B
a) Learning Objective : Test the hypothesis
b) Type of investigation : correlation
c) The interference of the researcher : approaching maximum
d) The Background of learning : a field study
e) Time of study : cross sectional
f) Unit of analysis : industry

Kelompok 1 :

1. Eskha

2. Krisman

3. Rifadi

4. Satrio


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