Tugas R.A ( Buku Uma Sekaran) Bab 3

Chapter 3

1. As manager, what kinds of information do you think you will be exploring through the Internet for research ?
Answer : The information from the internet is electronic mail ( e – mail ), conduct research, look at and obtain data and text information, graphics, sound and video and also promote and sell the products on the internet.
2. In what ways are personal computers useful to the organization ?
Answer: In addition , the PC can be used for data collection and analysis for making business decisions or developing strategies on a daily basis . For example , for forecasting production needs , performing credit analysis , financial analysis and such .3. How do you think you will aply the concepts of data warehousing and data mining in a company doing retail Business ?
Answer : It is easy to helps research to see how the information technology function through data warehousing and data mining.
4. How does the PC help in information gathering and information dissemination ?
Answer : A file server – a CPU – that provides PC connected to it with the hardware and software resources needed to process data effectively.
5. How can the PC technology be missued ? give some hypothetical instances where this could accur

  • PC will increasingly included even more sophisticated configurations of voice , data and video technologies .
  • PC can handle enormous amounts of data quickly and can be operated by individuals with minimal training. They have created a revolution in the production , processing and transformation of information ( stern and stern , 1996 )

Kelompok 1 :

1. Eskha

2. Krisman

3. Rifadi

4. Satrio


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