Tugas R.A ( Buku Uma Sekaran) Bab 1


1. Define research and explain the different between applied and basic research.
Answer : business research as an organized,systematic,database,critical,objective,scientific inquiry or investigation into a specific problem, undertaken with the purpose of finding answers or solution to it.and the different between applied and basic research is, applied research done with the intention of applying the results of the findings to solve specivic problems currently being experience in the organizations,and basic research done chiefly to enhance the understanding of certain problems that commonly occur in organization settings,and seek methods of solving them.

2. Why is it important for managers to know about research ?
Answer : the important for managers to know about research because they will become more discriminating when sifting through information in business journals,take calculate risk in the decision making, knowing full well the probabilities attached to the different possible outcomes.

3. Exlain why handling the manager – researcher relationship effectively is important .
Answer : it is very important because managers should know about research for good decision making.

4. Describe a situation where it would be more beneficial to engage an external research team rather than an internal one !
Answer : if a problems is a complex one, or if there are likely to be vested interest, or if the very existence of the organization is at stake because of one or more serious problems, it would be advisable to engage external researcher despite the increase cost involve.

5. “ because basic research is not applied immediately to a problem, it is less valuable and
Answer : my comment is that some applied research could have a shorter time frame that some basic research.

6. “ if managers learn how to conduct good research by taking a course such as this book offers , there would be no need to here anyone to solve problems in organizations . “ What is your response to this statement ?
Answer : my response in this statement is yes I agree with this statement because such knowledge sharpens, manager sensitivity to the mw riad variables operating in a situation & reminds of them of the multicausality and multifinality of phenomena, thus avoiding inappropriate, simplis is notions of one variable causing another.

7. Described a situation where research will help you as a manager to make a good decision ?
Answer : Xerox is unsular and isn’t ready for the increasingly competitive, high-tech world. Xerox still relies on old fashioned and slow selling analog copiers for more than half its revenue, and despite its double digit growth in digital products and services, the company’s sales rose just a persent.

8. Given the following situation : a. Discuss with reasons , whether it will fall in to the category of applied or basic research , and b. Who will conduct the research
a. Applied research
b. part of corporate management, corporate finance section
Answer : According to this text box is used basic research to know about this problem will conduct the research is manager and external researcher.


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